T Bratton Designs

Terry Bratton is the owner of T. Bratton Designs

Terry has been in love with photography since he began taking pictues in 1988 while a student at Lincoln University - Missouri. From then until now, Terry has always been passionate about photography.

His favorite images to shoot include sunrises/sunsets, city scapes, weddings, individual portraits, athletic events, and nature. If Terry is near the ocean, you will always find him on the beach before sunrise or sunset.

Some of Terry's recent clients include: Currently - WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), Designer (Therez Fleetwood), Author (Leandrea Rivers), Models (Spencer Brown, Alasia Ballard - ATM), National Ski Club (National Brotherhood of Skiers), Atlanta Ski Club (Southern Snow Seekers), Fashion Boutique (Fabrik - Buckhead), Fashion Line (Fabulina Designs), and Fashion Designer (Alton King), and Jewelry Designer (Charline Dennis-Shelby) .

Future plans for Terry and T. Bratton Designs is to open a studio in Miami. T.Bratton Designs is currently accepting in-studio and on-location assignments anywhere in the world. In 2013 T.Bratton Designs plans to focus on Destination and Domestic Weddings, Green Screen - In-studio projects, and Event Photography.

For more information, or for reservations, call us at 678-827-2867 or 404-805-6852, or email us at info@tbrattondesigns.com